Wednesday, April 7, 2010

attack on our bladders

Ok, so I hate hate HATE when people throw around the word "right". "We have a right to this and that and whatever we want! Blah blah blah." It drives me nuts because most of the time, these so called rights are NOT rights but simply things that people really want.

But I am totally gonna throw out the R word tonight.... I have the right to use the bathroom when I need to.

I just barely finished watching the news and Spirit Airline is going to start charging $1.50 for every time you use the bathroom while you are in the air. ....WHAT? Is that really allowed?? I mean, I would understand if you had the OPTION of using some fancy bathroom with a toilet that sang to you, but how can someone charge you to pee? What really really bothers me about this is whether or not you have to use the restroom is rarely a choice. I get the STUPID fee of paying to check your bag or paying $4 for peanuts because hey, that's your choice to use/eat those services. But it is not my choice to have to relieve myself on a five hour flight. If it is going to save me money to go right in my seat...I just might.

Hopefully no other airlines are going to take part in this insanity. Seriously, we gotta fight for our right to urinate, people!

oh, and did I mention that Spirit airlines will soon charge $40 per CARRY ON starting in August? Sheesh.