Wednesday, June 10, 2015

14 months

Baby Jo is now 14 months old. He's changing so quickly, I feel like I can't keep up! Here are a few updates.

Favorites: Jo LOVES his toy cars and balls the best out of all his toys. He hands me cars often during the day and cracks up when I make them roll over his head. He makes a cute little "MMMMM" sound while he pushes his cars on the floor. He is getting really good at throwing balls. He likes to play catch, or more like Kind of Throw.

His favorite NON-baby toy is my cell phone; specifically FaceTime. If he finds a phone, he will take it to me, reach for my hand, pry open my fingers, and place the phone in my palm. It's hilarious! He loves to smile and stare at anyone who is willing to Face Time with him. Then he promptly hangs up on them. I don't think he is TRYING to be rude; it's just that the red hang up button is so enticing to push.

Food: Jo is STILL a dang picky eater. If he had his way, every meal would consist of oranges, meatballs, and goldfish crackers. Other acceptable foods are mac and cheese, shredded chicken, turkey hotdogs, cheese ravioli, his mom's homemade chicken noodle soup, bananas, graham crackers, and fruit yogurt. It is impossible to feed this kid a vegetable. Luckily, he has started getting the hang of drinking whole milk.

Fashion: This month, Jo has discovered hats. He is obsessed with them. His favorites are baseball caps that he insists on wearing backwards like Daddy. He likes Dad sized hats too, though he is tolerant of baby hats. When he sees them on the coat/hat rack, he reaches his hand up as high as he can. It's dang adorable.

Talking: His new catch phrase is "Uh-Oh." He says anything he drops something, whether or not the drop was intentional. He also yells, "MAY MAY MAY!" when he is frustrated with something, and never anytime else. He still says "Mama" a lot, though rarely while looking at me. When he is not saying those words, he is constantly babbling. We are pretty sure he loves the sound of his own voice, Luckily, we love the sound of voice too.

Nursing: We attempted to wean two weeks ago due to me and Jordan leaving to Las Vegas for four days, but it was unsuccessful. At one point, I was down to nursing one time per day. Then Jo came to me carrying my boppy pillow two times, and I caved. He did fine without it while I was in Vegas, but now that I am home, he is back on the tap.

Tricks: He can blow a kiss, wave hello and goodbye, high five, and give big, open mouth kisses. He also loves to run away and be chased, tackle his huge stuffed dragon, and just be dang cute. We just love this kid of ours.