Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Intergalactic Halloween

In our home, Halloween is done like so: I choose our costumes, I make design/make/buy our costumes, and then Jordan wears whatever I give him on October 31. It works perfectly for us because I love to be in complete control of my favorite holiday, and Jordan likes not having to put any effort into it.

However, there was a little change this year.  In May of this year, we visited the Oklahoma Science Museum where the had a space exhibit. While looking at the various astronaut uniforms on display, Jordan asked, "Hey, have you already planned our Halloween costumes, because I think our little guy would be a cute astronaut!"

As a former child therapist, I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement. So when my normally apathetic-about-Halloween husband made a suggestion, I wanted to encourage him! I sewed Jo's costume from scratch (a first for me. Thank goodness fleece is so forgiving!) and made his jet pack out of two empty vinegar bottles. We did buy the helmet off Amazon because it was only about $6, which is worth NOT trying to papier mache a lumpy, dumpy helmet for him on my own.

And until Baby Jo starts protesting, I am committed to family theme costumes. Jordan and I were aliens. Our costumes were pretty simple, but after spending too much time on Jo's outfit, I was cool with that.

This was the first year that Jo Willy went trick-or-treating! Once he understood the concept that walking up to the door would result in candy being placed in his bucket, he was hooked! He attempted to go into houses each time they opened the door, and he successfully got through the door once! I felt pretty dumb running into the house saying, "Sorry sorry sorry!" We spent the whole month practicing how to say trick-or-treat. By the end of the month, Jo would say, "Tai-Tay!" It was adorable. However, tonight, he was completely silent the entire time. Oh well.

  And lastly, no Halloween would be complete without me carving a pumpkin. Here is this year's model:
I was hoping my son would share in the excitement of carving pumpkins, but unfortunately, he tends to lean more toward his dad on this one. He had ZERO interest in touching the pumpkin guts. I don't get it. That's the best part!

Happy Halloween!!