Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

From Wolverine...

and the Tooth Fairy....

Happy Haunting!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I love love love dressing up for Halloween! I can remember every Halloween costume since I was three years old. This list is definitely a "just for me" thing, so I won't be offended if people get bored and stop reading.

Age 3: Pumpkin (the costume was later handed down to our dog, Tawny)
Age 4: Butterfly (I remember luh-huh-huving the wings for my costume and was convinced that if I tried hard, they could make me fly)
Age 5: Pirate
Age 6: Mouse
Age 7: Dragon
Age 8: Pippi Longstocking (one of favorite costumes ever. I was amazed at how my mom could make my pigtail defy gravity with wire. I thought it was the coolest thing ever).
Age 9: Pirate again. (I recall being upset that I had to do a costume repeat. Weird fact- it was the exact same costume I wore when I was five. Apparently I had not hit a much needed growth spurt yet).
Age 10: Belly dancer
Age 11: Hippi
Age 12: Cleopatra
Age 13: Dead cheerleader
Age 14: Baby (just like every other girl my age)
Age 15: Nerd (this was the first of several times I dressed up as this)
Age 16: Spartan Cheerleaders (my friend Deanna and I made our costumes, learned a bunch of Spartan cheers and performed them when we went trick-or-treating. This was another one of my all time favorite costumes!)
Age 17: Grandma! (This was the last year I ever went trick-or-treating. I know it seems old, but my theory is if you dress up and are in school, you can still go and get free candy)

Age 18: Princess. I just wore my prom dress and a dollar store tiara. This was my most boring Halloween ever. My friends all were attending crazy college parties and I was too scared to go YSA. The only thing I dressed up for was the primary activity that I had to help out at.
Age 19: I did the nerd again for one party, and then for the YSA party I was a tourist.
Age 20: I was a rocker chick? I guess that would be the best name for it. I had those fake tattoos and wore black stuff, so I was one of those.
Age 21: This was the triple costume Halloween. For our ward party I was a nerd again...
... and then on Halloween I had to take a midterm. BOO! I didn't have anything planned so I didn't bother thinking of a costume. I got home from school around 8:00 when these two nerdy boys in our ward rang our doorbell. They were both dressed up and trick-or-treating. I excitedly asked if I could join them . They gave me a look like "Uh...a girl is talking to us...not sure what to do..." but then agreed to let me tag along. I ran into my room, wrapped a towel on my head and threw on my bathrobe. So I was a...shower lady? Whatevs. I trick-or-treated and got some cereal, top ramen, and canned food. (So I guess THIS was my last year I trick-or-treated! Ha!) After that, I went home and took off my pathetic excuse for a costume when my friend Lindsay called and asked if I wanted to go to a party on campus. I threw on sweat pants, sunglasses, and rubber gold teeth and became a gangster-ish person? Anyway, we had fun and I enjoyed a night that went from having no plans and no costume to spending the whole night doing Halloween stuff with two random costumes!
Age 22: Princess Peach and Mario! Loved these costumes!

Age 23: Flapper

and Age 24.....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is Halloween, This Halloween

I had a really fun time decorating for Halloween this year. Between living a mile away from Dollar Tree and my hoarding habits, I was able to make quite of few decorations for cheap! Here is a tour of our spooky home (warning boy readers, this is more of a girly post...or more like a post that only a mom wants to read):

Our pumpkin patch

My first Halloween decoration ever! I got it at BYU when I was a lowly student.

Our apothecary jars ( empty pickle/spaghetti sauce jars and plastic champagne glasses) filled with severed lady fingers, mini skulls, and spiders.

I know what you are thinking....

"Never more"

Our cute pumpkins. I got these on super sale a year ago and was so excited to put them out!

Our bookshelf

Complete with severed foot

Melted candles. These were CRAAAAZY easy to make. I bought flameless tealights for a buck and hot glued them to a TP roll. I always seem to have like 3 rolls somewhere in my house. Aw, sweet hoarding...

Moving onto our kitchen.

Our centerpiece for our table was Captain Hook's hand. I totally ripped this off of this one guy's blog. His looked 10X cooler. Oh wellzz.

The sign reads "The hand of the infamous pirate Captain James Hook found in the belly of a crocodile". Unfortunately, my burning the edge of paper skills are lacking so I burned off parts of the sign. Jordan was convinced that I was going to burn our apartment down so I didn't try to make another one.

My kitchen decorations were all recycled goods.


became these:

My potions! I named them after the potions in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I have Deadly Nightshade, Worm's Wart, and Frog's Breath.

"Nothing's more suspicious than Frog's Breath."

Have I mentioned that I'm a hoarder?? Cause I AM! I am incapable of throwing out any jar with a lid. Luckily, that comes in handy when making specimen jars.

It has been fun spookying up the place. This week I have been busy creating our costumes. Those are to be revealed later. (Don't get too excited. They definitely look homemade!)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I love Halloween!! Anyone who says it is a wicked holiday can go fly a kite.

The decorations that I particularly liked this year were my scary pictures. On, I created these two pictures:

Zombie Bride

Ghost Jordan

I printed them out and put them in spider web picture frames on our bookshelf.

Then I got bored and made some dumb ones...

AKA Friendliest looking zombie ever.

I decorated the rest of our apartment with homemade decorations too that I plan on posting but who knows if I ever will!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

She works hard for the money.

Good news! I was recently offered and just accepted a very part time job with LDS Family Services! I'll be working with them 5 hours a week- most likely 2 hours during the week and 3 hours on Saturdays. "Five hours a week? Don't quit your day job," you may be sarcastically thinking. Well, I'm not. I will still be working my usual 40 hours as a child therapist during the week, so those extra five are gonna keep me busy. I know there are lots of people who work 45+ hours without any problems, but when you are naturally lazy like me it gets challenging. I am excited, though. It will be so encouraging to work with a population who generally holds the same values and beliefs as I do. I will also be working with adults, which I really really miss. Trying to trick a 14 year old into talking to me for a whole hour gets exhausting at times.

I start work for them in about a week. Wish me luck!