Sunday, July 31, 2011

You know you're a muggle when...

every time you read a facebook status that states how jazzed someone is about HP and/or HP7, you think they are referring to some sort of computer update.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

OOOHHHH, We're halfway there...

And yes, we are living on a prayer.

Today is Jordan's LAST day of didactics (aks classes). He takes his last finals today, has a week of training and then begin his clinical rotations. Clinical rotations happen at the 15 month mark of P.A. school meaning....Jordan is halfway done! How exciting. His next 15 months will be dang busy but pretty cool. Jordan will be rotating and observing different doctors in the various medical fields. His first stop: OB-GYN. Lucky duck.

At this time I am also *approximately* halfway done with my supervision and clinical hours that I need before obtaining my LCSW. This month marks my one year mark as a therapist for my company. Pretty crazy. It certainly has NOT gone by fast, but I am grateful to be here. I am not too far behind on my path toward my LCSW. I estimate that I will be done with my hours around September or October 2012 (of course now I just jinxed, I am sure of it).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sister, Sister: Oklahoma edition

Two weeks ago, my sister Molly and her 6 month old daughter Saige came to Tulsa for a week. We. had. a. BLAST!!! I was so excited because we hardly ever get visitors (subtle hint to family members) and Molly was my first sibling to come to visit since we moved here (much less subtle hint). We had so much fun and the week went by insanely fast.

We managed to eat Josh's sno-cones (I picked peach cobbler. mmm), eat at Steak n' Shake, eat all you can eat ribs at the Rib Crib, and all you can eat ice cream at the Taste of Summer festival (Yes, it's true. Eating is the best part of Oklahoma.) Saige got to taste her first bite of ice cream and popsicle.

MMMM.....high fructose corn syrup....

We did more than just consume calories. We went to a Drillers game (our minor league baseball team) and watched them get creamed.

"In this heat it is important to stay hydrated" ~Dr. Baby

"Higher, Uncle Jordan. I still can't see the outfield!"

We visited the Philbrook Art museum and walked around the beautiful grounds

We went swimming in our apartment pool

We also went to the dog park, human park, and Hobby Lobby. Molly and I knocked out a bunch of crafts to the tune of 30 Rock episodes.

Saige seemed to love Oklahoma so much, she could hardly contain her excitement. Oh, did I type excitement. I meant PUKE! She was able to throw up on at least 4 different pairs of my pants. sigh.

Saige was a trooper, despite her bulimia flare ups. She soaked in the culture so much that by the end of the week, she was able to line dance better than ever! I tried to up load the video of it on here, but of course there was an error. I successfully uploaded it to facebook if you want to see it.

It was so much fun. We can't wait until the rest of the family decides they love us enough to come to.(just kidding..kinda)

"Yeeha! I love Tulsa!"