Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sharing Time With Jordan

You know how three year olds struggle with sharing? Well, so do 26 year olds.

Tonight Jordan and I split a meal from Pei Wei and took it home to eat. When we brought it home, this was our conversation:

Sonja: Hey, will you divide the food up?

Jordan: Uh, can you do it?

Sonja: No, I did it last time. Just do it.

Jordan: But if I do it, I won't be fair!

Haha. Excuse me? At least he's honest. Fast forward two minutes later (after I convinced Jordan that he is capable of selflessly splitting up dan dan noodles)

Jordan: Hey, will you come and see if this is even?

Sonja: No, you can do it without my help You're 26.

Jordan: Yeah, but I'm also weak!

Fast forward one minute after Jordan declared that he split the food up. I came up to the table and picked one of the halves (the one in the cool Pei Wei container, to be specific). This lead to:

Jordan: Noooo!


Jordan: That one has more!

Sonja: You were supposed to make them even!

Jordan: usually eat less than I do!

Sonja: Fine. I'll add some to your plate.

Jordan: Nooo! I wanted to eat out of the container!

Sonja: No! you had it last time!

Jordan: Hmph! Fine!

Sonja: *adds a few spoonfuls to his plate* There.

Jordan: You still have more!

Sonja: How uneven did you make this??

Jordan: I warned you about me!

So there you have it, folks. Jordan is a wonderful, caring, and thoughtful man...just not when it comes to sharing food. Consider yourselves warned.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ok, so I know that Christmas hasn't even come yet, but I'm already thinking about New Years. (This oughtta give Christmas a taste of its own medicine, seeing how everyone and their step-brother says, "Ok, I know Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet, but I'm already thinking about Christmas." ANYway...) Every time January 1st comes around I make resolutions that I usually stick to until...January 18ish. But not in 2010!

You always hear people say that you need to write down your goals to make them more accountable. But since writing things on paper is so 1999, I figure posting them on my blog works is a nice modern alternative. That, and I'm lazy and I don't want to get up off the couch.

Here is the 2010 line up as of today:

1) Proofread my friggin blog entries. I don't know why I never do this. I'm a horrible typist and am completely prone to making typos, yet by the time I finish a post I never want to read over it. I'm the same with homework but pesky grades force me to proofread those. But I hate noticing typos or mess ups after my entries have been read by the entire 3 of you who read them, so I'm actually gonna buckly down and give them look-see.

2) Read scriptures daily. Jordan and I have actually been doing a good job with this one. Since our wedding, we have not missed a since day (and it's our 7 month anniversay today-holla!) However, I think it would be sweet to have an entire calendar year without missing a day.

3) Make my bed...on the weekends (gotta start small). Good gravy, how I loathe making my bed. There is something about it that is, as Mary Poppins would say, something quite attrocious. But I LOVE the look of a made bed. It makes our room look so much more pleasant and inviting.

That's it for now. I'm not even gonna put 'exercise more' anywhere near my list of resolutions because I always put it in there and never do it. You know why? Because I hate it.

I'm also not gonna put 'quit biting my nails' on my list either. That's usually #1 on my list every year and come January 1 at 4:oopm, my hands are practically nubs. I would love to quit someday, but I don't want to bad enough to yet, I guess. (Sorry Mom, I know you've been waiting for me to stop for about 20 years).

And now it is the end of my post and guess what- I soooo don't want to reread this! But hey- Loophole! I don't gotta yet- it's still 2009 so I can embrace my typos a little longer.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

One year older and wiser too!

Today is the 26th birthday of my hunk-a-husband Jordan! I am so excited to be able to share the rest of Jordan's birthdays with him. There is so many things I love about him, so in honor of turning the big 2-6, here are 26 reasons why I think Jordan is the bee's knees.

1) He's a smartypants! He graduated with honors from BYU after having a full-tuition scholarship for academics.

2) He is a talented guitarist. I love being his groupy.

3) He's hilarious! Jordan is so goofy and is always giving my abs a workout from laughing so hard.

4) He happily drives everywhere we go together- even on longer road trips. (I HATE driving).

5) He is not a picky eater, which is nice as I continually try to learn how to cook.

6) He's big and strong. It's so nice to have someone around who can lift 5X the amount I can and reach twice as high as I can.

7) He knows a ton of songs. We have a blast belting out Boys II Men together in the car....or Miley Cyrus. :P

8) He is really good at making up songs on the spot- making them rhyme ad everything. They are always clever and crack me up.

9) Every time I fall asleep on the couch he carried me to bed. (I'm so spoiled)

10) He's very cuddly and affectionate. It's like having a human teddy bear.

11) He has great goals that I know he will achieve. I'm excited for him to start PA school soon.

12) He has a very powerful testimony of our Savior.

13) Even though he is a macho manly man, he still uses the words precious and adorable regularly.

14) He is SO good with kids. I love knowing he will be my baby daddy sometime.

15) He's very protective of me. I always feel safe with him.

16) He is very patient (especially with me!!)

17) He has the same taste in movies and tv shows as I do. We happily watch Seinfeld together every evening.

18) He's athletic. Jordan is good at tennis and golf (and although those are the snobby sports, he ain't no snob!)

19) He is very quick to forgive whenever I'm being a butt.

20) He is sensitive. He always feel awful if he thinks he hurt my feelings or raised his voice at me (and usually when he apologizes for raising his voice, I didn't even think there was any voice raising in the first place).

21) He's good at impressions. They are funny.

22) He's good at making a joke go on and on without it getting old...does that make sense? I dunno.

23) He is loyal. He tries hard to maintain his friendships with people from college and even high school.

24) He's thoughtful. He likes to surprise me with little things and I love it.

25) He watches musicals and chick flicks with me without complaining.

And the 26th thing I love about Jordan:

26) He promised I could get a soon as we have a yard.

Happy Birthday, Hulk!!! You're the best and I love you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....

in our apartment!

Decorating our Charlie Brown Christmas tree- we put it on a box to make it taller. (It took more than wildly waving our hands in front of it to decorate. Christmas specials are so misleading).

No, I am not 6 months pregnant. This is just the worst angle in pictorial history.

Glory to the New Born King....and the King. (mmm...sacrilicious.)

Fuzzy tree at night.

Our entertainment center. It looks nicer than this picture looks. I suck at taking pictures.
I made these out of spaghetti sauce jars and left over "crystals" from our wedding.

I LOVE our lamp!

Our shelves, complete with $1 stockings.

Bookcase. Again, it looks nicer that this picture gives it credit for. Waaa.

Presents!!! And none of them are for me :(

There is this Bible College in the neighboring city of Tulsa that puts on a HUGE Christmas light display every year. Jordan and I went with our friend Jared to check them out last week. The lights were very impressive! This is fuzzy, but it can give you an idea of what I am talking about:

This was a cool tunnel to walk through. The lights were constantly changing colors and patterns.

The highlight of the lights display was the ever so cheesy Christian rock Christmas songs that were blasting around the campus. My personal favorite was "It's Not Christmas Without the Capital C!" Sooooo laaaaaame.
As you can see, I was bundled up! Winter nights are friggin cold here! I can't wait to go to Arizona for a weekend! The high 50's sounds like paradise right now...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh, dear...really?

Remember the story about the girl who was suing her college because she couldn't find a job? I thought that was preeeettty pathetic. However, she is going to have to hand over the Most Ridiculous Lawsuit trophy to a Florida woman. She is suing Burger King five million dollars! Why?
Were her legs ran over in the drive thru? Nope. Did she get deathly ill? Noooo.

Burger King texted her. A lot, people. Apparently, her phone was flooded with text message offers from Burger King, which caused her "harm".

This could not be more humiliating. Five million dollars? How....What....Why? Ugh, I'm so annoyed, I can't even complete a sentence.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back to normal

Remember how last week two women who were in line behind me at Walmart thought I was old enough to have a preteen daughter? Well, today a boy and his friend (who was in a letterman jacket) were in line behind me at Ross and asked if I go to high school around here. The universe is back to order, people.

Normally I am polite when people guess my age/school status wrong, but today I couldn't help but say, "Uh, no....I'm in grad school." I would've have continued to explain that when I graduated from high school they were still playing with poke'mon cards....but then they would think I was a freshman in college.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Favorite Holiday Commercial.

I LOVE the new Gap Kids commercial. It makes me want to have ten daughters....however, if I WERE to have ten daughters, I probably couldn't afford to shop at Gap Kids.