Monday, April 1, 2013

30 Before 30

Today I turn 27. Wow. I know that’s not really all that old, but it’s weird to turn 27 when I feel like I am still 18. I think that is fairly common.

Twenty-six was a good age, overall. I told Jordan I graded it as a B+. There was a lot of crappy things that happened when I was 26 (grandpa passing away, Boise Thanksgiving ending, Obama winning, getting sick, racking up fun hospital bills), but there were also some pretty great times as well (seeing my family pretty regularly, quitting my job, earning my LCSW, traveling to Seattle, Vermont, Utah, and Tucson). All in all, it’s been a nice year.

With my twenties tapering off, I decided to set some goals. I am creating a “30 before 30” list, which is a list of 30 goals that I want to achieve before I am the big 3-0. I shamelessly stole this idea from other bloggers,

but I don’t feel bad about it because I am sure they stole it from someone else. And you know what they say- “two wrongs make a right”….or something like that.

I am also cheating a bit. I can’t really think of 30 goals to do before I am 30 starting NOW! That would 30 goals to complete in 36 months, and a lot of these goals will take more time than that. So instead, I am making a list of 30 goals I HAVE WANTED to meet by the time I am 30, meaning some of these goals were already goals of mine that I have met. Don’t like it? That’s ok, just like the ol’ saying goes- “go ahead and cry over spilled milk”…or something.

Some of these goals seem dumb, but they are all important to me. So heeeeere we go!

30 Before 30 List
Due Date: April 1 2016

  1.  Obtain my MSW (done and done)
  2.  Become an LCSW (check!)
  3.   Become a home owner
  4.    Become a dog owner (if this one doesn’t happen by the time I’m 30, I will be a very sad 30 year old indeed)
  5.       Become a mother 
  6.        Go to Europe (Tickets are purchased!)
  7.        Take Jordan to Hawaii
  8.       Read the Harry Potter books (I’m sure NONE of my family members think this one will happen) 
  9.       Sew a dress
  10.    Become a certified home study adoption worker
  11.    Complete at least one home study for a family
  12.    Go scuba diving
  13.    See the show Wicked
  14.    Write a book (not a novel- just a children’s book. I highly doubt I’ll ever get published, but I think it would be fun to complete a book for the sake of doing it) 
  15.   Go skiing with Jordan (we’ve NEVER been together)
  16.    Run a half marathon
  17.   Pay for a stranger’s groceries anonymously
  18.    Pay for a stranger’s meal anonymously
  19.    Take a voice lesson
  20.   Take a piano lesson
  21.    Take a dance lesson
  22.   Sing a solo (Done. I did this for the first time since primary two Easters ago. It was terrifying. Perhaps I could do it again.)
  23.    Participate in a flash mob
  24.    Get a pedicure (I’ve never had one before. I’m embarrassed by my feet.) 
  25.  Read Jesus The Christ
  26.    Throw a party. Not just a get together, but a real party.
  27.    Eat at the Crab Pot in Seattle (Done, and delicious)
  28.    Finish a scrap book about Jordan and my courtship
  29.    Give a lecture (whether as a guest speaker, teacher, etc)
  30.    Learn how to moon walk.
I will be periodically (most likely annually) updating this list to show which goals I’ve met and my status for the others. Here’s to a great year of being 27, as well as three fantastic final years in my 20’s!