Sunday, August 9, 2015

Translation from 16 Month Old to English

Cah! (said with the cutest inflection): Car
Tuck: Truck
Cuck: Something that is either a car, or a truck.
Vum Vum Vum: Vroom Vroom Vroom
Bow!: Ball, or Book
Bow! (while moving hand like a talking beak): Bird
At: Hat (this one is said approximately 10000000000 times a day)
Moh: More
She-ew: Shoe
Sheeee: Also Shoe
Shite: Shirt
Bah-Bah: Bottle
Mum: Mom
Mama: Also Mom
Dada: Dad
Nuh nuh nuh: No

Along with these adorable words, Baby Jo also signs hat, bird, more, socks, shoes, and train, and all done. He waves hello and goodbye, blows "kisses", high fives, kiiiinda does knuckles, and shakes his head emphatically when he does NOT want to do something. He has mastered the art of pointing at what he wants, as well.

It's been so fun to discover his new methods of communication! He is growing up so quickly. It's amazing to see words that he can understand well, even if he cannot say them. For example:

When I say "Time to take a bath," he runs to the bathroom door and starts banging on it.

When I say, "Time for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack," he runs and pats his high chair.

When I ask him if he wants to get the mail, he jumps up and stands by the door. The same goes for "Let's get in the car!"

We also like to play fetch with them, where we ask him to bring us certain items in the room and see if he knows what we are talking about. This reminds me of a cute story about this fetching game. We were having him bring us different toys that were directly in front of him, when Jordan asked him to bring us the owl. There was a small plastic owl a few feet in front of Baby Jo. He immediately turned around and ran away from us down the hall. We assumed he was done with the game and had moved onto a new adventure. However, about ten seconds later, Jo came running back to us with a huge smile on his face, carrying a stuffed animal owl from his bedroom. Adorable!

I simply cannot wait to see what new words he learns in the upcoming month. Stay tuned.