Saturday, October 4, 2014

6 Months Round Up

So much to blog about, so little time.

For now, I wanted to document some info about my little Jo because on September 19th he turned SIX MONTHS OLD! What?! 

This little nugget is such a blessing and treasure. We absolutely drool over him. He returns the saliva based sentiments. He is also the source of 95% of my stress. (Sleep training, amIright?) Here are some tidbits on our guy.

Hobbies: He finally has learned how to roll back to his back after being on his tummy. For two months, he would roll onto his stomach, wiggle his arms and legs, get frustrated and cry. I desperately tried to teach him (ha) how to roll to his back, but he was never having it. Now he happily rolls back and forth, which is awesome for everyone involved.

He still loves to talk and coo, though he does it a little less often. He loves to blow spit bubbles and chew on everything, except food. Sucking on his fingers is still his go-to fun.

He's gotten into toys more, but his favorite things to hold are phones and kitchen utensils. My mom recently gave me a honey drizzle wand. It is currently his favorite thing to chew and bang.

As of this morning, his favorite big toy is his jumper. It is so cute to watch him bounce and jump in it. He also likes his exersaucer, but only for about 10 minutes at a time. Hey, man- I'll take every ten minutes I can get!
His Chris Farley Impression

Food: At the suggestion of his doctor, we tried to give him baby cereal at 4 1/2 months to see if it helped him sleep. He had zero interest in it. We tried prunes and he was not into those. We tried pears and he liked them, but his sleep still sucked. We finally decided to forget about feeding him until after our vacation and he was 6 1/2 months old. As of today, we tried green beans and pears (not together) and they both made it down the hatch, though the pears were more welcomed. I have been dreading feeding him because of the MESS and hassle, so I think I am gonna take it slow on the food for now.

Sleep: Oh, this child.  He slept awesome until about 4 months old and then he suddenly started getting up multiple times per night. At five months we weaned him out of his swaddle (which was hard, but necessary for him) and now he sleeps in a sleep sack. He was doing ok until we decided to travel to two different times zones with him. In three weeks, we went to Seattle, then Hawaii, then back to Seattle. Throughout the whole trip and ever since our return he has been out of whack with his sleep schedule. I am a very tired person, but whatever. I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Swaddle Baby

Sleep Sack Baby

Sleeping Baby
Music:  He still loves music, whether it is on the radio or he is being sung to by his parents. His favorite song is STILL Hallelujah by The Canadian Tenors. That song has some weird magical power over him. It's too funny.

Countenance: My absolute favorite thing about Baby Jo is how easily he smiles. If anyone talks to him, stranger or family, he breaks out in an adorable gummy smile.  He also laughs easily, though his big cousin Erica seems to get the best laughs out of him above anyone else. He seems to be more easily pacified and though his whines frequently, he rarely bawsl or screams.

Stranger Danger: What is that? Jo has no care who is holding him, as long as he isn't touching the poisonous floor. However, he recently has shown more excitement when he sees me, which is new. Can't say that I mind at all.


He makes life harder, more exhausting, but better. We just love this little guy.