Tuesday, April 28, 2015

30 Before 30 Update

I turned 29 a few weeks ago (whaaaaat?). It’s one of those ages that always seemed so far away. Part of me thought I would be in my 20’s forever. But behold, I am approaching 30.

Last year, 11 days before I turned 28, I was able to complete one of my 30 Before goals- I became a mother. What I have realized is THIS goal has taken over pretty much all of other goals. It’s hard to learn how to scuba dive when you are at home with an infant. Since I am taking time off of work to be a stay-at-home parent, I don’t see myself being asked to give a professional lecture soon. While I still CAN run a half marathon some day, this year has not been an ideal one to train for, as for the first six month’s of my baby’s life, he needed to be fed every two hours.

Because of this, there is no chance that I will accomplish all 30 of these goals. But you what, that’s ok. I’ve been able to check off some really great ones, the most important ones to me, in fact. So, with that being said, here is an update on my goals over the past years The goals with a line through them are the ones I completed through my 28th birthday. Some of them I have altered to become more plausible.

30 Before 30 List
Due Date: April 1 2016

1. Obtain my MSW
2. Become an LCSW
3. Become a home owner
4. Become a dog owner

owner   Changed to: Have a dog in my home that I care for. I puppysat for a friend last summer. It made me realize that getting a new dog AND caring for a baby is just not workable for me. So sadly, I will not become a dog owner in my 20’s. So….DONE.

5. Become a mother
6. Go to Europe
7. Take Jordan to Hawaii  Done! We went in September!
8. Read the Harry Potter books I've read the first two books and I am working on the third right now.
9.  Sew a dress
10. Become a certified adoption home study worker
11. Complete at least one home study for a family

family I have offered to do home studies for LDS Family Services before they suspended their adoption services. I now have a lead on someone who I can shadow and hopefully do this soon.

12. Go scuba diving

I just don’t see this happening this year. I was able to snorkel a ton in Hawaii, so that’s something.
13.  See the show Wicked
14.  Write a book (not a novel- just a children's book. I highly doubt I'll ever get published, but I think it would be fun to complete a book for the sake of doing it)

I have not done this, but my sweet mom bought me an online book writing workshop. I’m excited to finish the course and hopefully finish a book.

15.  Go skiing with Jordan
16. Run a half marathon
17. Pay for a stranger's groceries anonymously 
Changed to pay for a stranger’s groceries. There was an attempt, but they politely refused.
18. Pay for a stranger's meal anonymously
19. Take a voice lesson
20. Take a piano lesson
21. Take a dance lesson

I have found a salsa dance lesson that I want to take. Jordan and I planned to go, but the class got snowed out. I DO go to Zumba weekly, so maybe I can count that? I feel that it has improved my dance skillz….which are still limited.

22. Sing a solo
23. Participate in a flashmob Are these even still a thing?? I never hear about them anymore.
I’m changing this one altogether to: Take a trip without Baby Jo.We will get this one done in June!
24. Get a pedicure
25. Read Jesus the Christ Jordan and I started this book, but didn't get far. It is now available as an audiobook on lds.org, so I may just listen to it.
26. Throw a big party
27. Eat at the Crab Pot in Seattle
28. Finish a scrapbook about Jordan and my courtship
29. Give a professional lecture (as a guest lecturer or a teacher)
30. Learn how to moonwalk

Looks like I have a lot left for this final year. Gulp.