Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birthday Test

Happy Birthday to Jordan! This is his first birthday since he was a freshman in college where he didn’t have to study for a final…and he is spending the day studying for his board exam. Boo! Since Jordan has to be studying for a test this birthday, I thought it would be a appropriate for us ALL to study a test today. I present to you: The Jordan Test. 

You know how people say, “On a multiple choice test, when in doubt, just choose C”? Well, follow that advice because every answer is C (except for one question, where is it D).

 The Jordan Quiz

1.       Today Jordan is turning
a)      86
b)      13
c)       29

2.       Jordan’s number one goal for the age of 29 is
a)      To repay all his student loans
b)      To run a marathon
c)       To convince his wife that they need cable

3.       Jordan’s favorite dessert is
a)      Pie
b)      Banana split
c)       Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with chocolate fudge and chocolate syrup, served with a chocolate milkshake and…and a chocolate straw.

4.       Jordan broke his arm as a kid by trying to “ride”
a)      A horse
b)      A go-kart
c)       An automatic garage door

5.       Jordan’s version of hell would be
a)      A fiery outer darkness
b)      A very cold, bleak existence
c)       A room full of shedding cats while the show “How I Met Your Mother” plays in the background on repeat.

6.       Jordan’s biggest man crush is
a)      Mitt Romney
b)      Aston Kutcher
c)       Ron Swanson
d)      All of the above

7.         Jordan’s greatest accomplishment was
a)      Marrying a smokin’ hotty
b)      Being  honored as Valedictorian of his PA class
c)       Having the world’s highest score on the app game Hungry Santa
(though C is the correct answer, B is also true!)

8.       Jordan’s special talent is
a)      Unicycling
b)      Juggling
c)       Knowing every word to every song, no matter how obscure

9.       When Jordan was a freshman in college, he wanted to be a _______ when grew up:
a)      Police officer
b)      A PA
c)       A kindergarten teacher (isn’t that cute??)

10.    If Jordan could give his wife any gift, it would be a a)      Puppy, because he knows she really, really wants one
b)      fur coat
c)       Six extra inches of height so he didn’t have to hurt his back when he kisses her

 Good job, everyone! And Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Change is a'comin'

We have exciting news, sad news, and scary news.


The sad news is we are moving to Oklahoma City in January.

The scary news is we are moving to Oklahoma City in January.

(see what I did there?)

Jordan has been working hard to be a dermatologist PA candidate straight out of school, which is tricky. For PA's it is one of the most coveted specialties to work in- no call, good pay, normal hours, and lower stress. Plus, it is a total bonus that Jordan really likes derm and is very interested in it. In October he was offered 2 derm interviews- one in OKC and one in Mesa, AZ. He went to both interviews, and loved the doctor in OKC and really didn't like the Mesa one. A few weeks ago, he got the magic call and was offered the position in OKC!

This whole experience has been a roller coaster ride of feelings for me. I am so proud of Jordan and how well he has done. I'm also feeling excited to start a new life with him somewhere. I am excited to be close to a temple again (12 minute drive instead of a nearly 2 hour drive). I am sad to be leaving my friends in Tulsa. I am sad to leave my job (I really grew to like it, as far as work goes). I was also happy to leave my job (some of my clients and their parents make me want to take up drinking). I've been scared of not knowing anyone or anything, and I am anxious to find a new job and learn how to get around in the city. I am sad to be far away from my in-laws and I am scared of being "stuck" in OKC for the rest of my life.....The roller coaster goes on and one.

Jordan has been supportive of my crazy/worry spells. The first thing he said to me when we found out about the prospective OKC job was "You can get a dog!" We also together have committed to being there for 3 years, and then assessing what to do next with our life (whether or not we leave). One awesome thing about Jordan's new boss is he straight up told Jordan that he knew Jordan's wife (thaaaaat's me!) would probably want to move closer to family eventually, but if Jordan could stay with him for at least 2 years he would be happy. That calms my nerves a bit.

I've also been thinking of all my friends and family who have been good examples to me of wives who bravely move for their husbands' jobs. I often think, "If Julie could move literally across the country, I can move 2 hours away, " or "If Melissa can move to Blanding, then I can move to OKC." You girls are awesome!

Plus, there are some great things about OKC. Flights out of the OKC airport are cheaper than flying from the Tulsa airport. We will live close to the temple, so our Tulsa friends can come visit us when the attend the temple periodically. We will be close to a lake, an amusement park (which I would grade as a B, but still- it's there!), a big water park, a cool zoo, and we will be closer to our precious NBA team, the Thunder (SoJo + Westbrook 4EVA).

Yesterday we went to OKC to check out various apartments to rent for a while. We found one that is literally across the street from Jordan's new job, so we don't have to worry about getting a second car for a while. I also checked for essentials- within 5 miles, I have access to a mall, a Dollar Tree, a Target, and a Hobby Lobby so I will be able to survive. Things are a little more spread out over there, which I will have to get used to, but it won't be so bad.

Overall, I do feel a lot fo gratitude from God. We have been praying for derm job for several months and we are so pleased that Jordan has been able to get one right out of school. I am so grateful that Jordan LIKES the doctor that he will be working for, and that even though we are farther from family, my in-laws are still obtainable. I am excited to see what our new life chapter will bring.

In other news: JORDAN GRADUATES THIS FRIDAY!!!! Can't wait!