Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 recap

This year....

I turned 25
We celebrated our 2nd anniversary by going on a cruise (as well as New Orleans)
We got to travel to Seattle and Tuscon to visit family
I got to go to Utah for a weekend to visit family and attend my good friend's wedding
My sister came to visit Tulsa
My cousin got married and I got to go (back to Seattle!)
I "celebrated" my one year anniversary at my job
Jordan began his medical rotations AND his second year of PA school
I got to go to the ER for the first time since I was a a baby (I think)
Had my first ambulance ride (and with those puppies costing $1100 for a one mile ride, I hope it is my last!)
Jordan turned 28 (which I neglected to blog about because our computer was broken)
We got to go Seattle for a wonderful Christmas

aaaaaand I got rid of Pokey (my kidney stone)

We are so excited to begin 2012 because we already know about some of the fun things it will bring (trip to Disneyland, Boise Thanksgiving, and...... Jordan's graduation!!)

Happy New Year's Eve!