Wednesday, January 26, 2011

self diagnosed

You know those moments when you think it is Tuesday but it is really Wednesday? And then you get that warm fuzzy feeling as if you just received a prize? Isn't it wonderful?

You know moments when you think it is Thursday but it really only Wednesday? Or you think it is Tuesday but then realize you are still trapped in Monday? Isn't that horrible? You feel scammed or punished.

I suffer from Wrongdayitis all the time. It's the disease when you CONSTANTLY think it is the next day. Tuesday feels like Wednesday, and Wednesday feels like Thursday. I'm always a day behind what I think it is. It is very stressful. And annoying. Just once, ONCE, I would like to have one of those moments where I am like, "whoa, is today really already Wednesday?" instead of "Well, hello Wednesday. You're late. I was expecting you one day ago." Sigh.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

No coming back from this.

Since 1:00 pm, today has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Note: This is not a story for the squeamish. If you have a heightened gag reflex, I invite you to promptly close this tab. Thanks.

The day started off fine and everything was "juuuuuust PEACHY!!" (Points for those who know what that is from. Melissa D., I'm looking in your direction.)

12:00 Went to Jordan's parents' house to wish his mom a happy birthday and give her flowers. Happily accepted an invitation to go out to eat lunch with them.

12:30 Went to Mr. Mambo's Catina. Stuff my face with guacamole and queso (sp?). When our fajitas came out, crammed one down my throat then immediately started to feel too full. Wasn't too concerned, as over-eating is my forte.

1:30 Drove home. Noticed my stomach was very unsettled and not happy. Tried to ignore it by watching Dracula: Dead and Loving It (I want those 90 minutes of my life BACK please, Leslie Nielsen). Had to run to the bathroom multiple times. Yuck. Had a few false alarm pukes which just turned out to be the lovely dry-heaves.

2:00 Decided that a good way to settle my stomach and warm up (at this point I had the chills big time) would be to run a bath.

2:10 Immersed myself in the bath. Started to have more severe stomach pains. Could tell that ralphing was soon going to commence, and was also fully aware that I was soaking wet in a bath tub.

2:10:05: Sat up and threw up. Like, alot. In my bath water. While I was in there. Ugh. And of course, being in the condition of health that I was I could not very well "spring up" out of the water. The only thing I could do was pull the plug and let it slowly disappear.

"My life is trash." (Anyone know what THAT is from?)

The rest of the day consisted of me literally crawling around the apartment (standing made me too light headed), Laying on the ground, puking some more (that time I made it to the toilet, hurray), and complaining about how cold I was.

Aside from my traumatic bathing experience, there were some nice moments in the evening. For example, Jordan babied me by stroking his fingers through my hair (my favorite), and watching Return to Me with me. He also went out and purchase swallowable pepto pills because I was too scared of puking again if I tried the liquid stuff.

So that was MY was your own?

Monday, January 3, 2011

More Fun with Sleeping Jordan

Tonight, Jordan and I were sitting on our couch together. Kinda. I was staring at laptop as I cruised from blog to blog to blog, and Jordan was passed out sleeping. He had a pillow covering his chest a form of comfort, I'm assuming. ANYway....

All of a sudden, Jordan starts to whimper, " me. I need help." Then his whimper turns into a little frantic exclamations. "HELP! Get it! Get it!" I was completely confused and started to panic. I didn't know if he had trouble breathing, if he had a charlie horse, etc. So I kept nervously asking, "What? What is it?!," as I ripped the pillow away from him. In my moment of panic, I somehow saw the cotton filled pillow as a threat. Finally Jordan said,

"I....thought...I thought I had thought I was holding a glass in my hand."
uh....whaaaat? "A glass?"
"Yeah, like a glass of water...or something..."
"Why did you sound so distressed?"
"Well, it isn't a glass...I can't think of the word."
Then he moved to our love seat and fell asleep again.

What just happened?

So there you have it. Jordan is 6'2'' and muscly, but if you give him a glass of water to hold he will cry like a baby. I would love, LOVE to get a sneak peak into his dreams. If the scariest thing in them is a threatening glass of water, I would feel pretty safe.

p.s. while I am on the subject of Jordan half-awake-half-dreaming speeches, here is a little stroll down memory lane from when we were very newly weds

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in review

Goodbye, 201o! Thank you for

1) two more sweet nieces
2) my MSW graduation
3) visits to our family and various road trips
4) two months of NO SCHOOL AND NO WORK for me
5) a salaried paid (right term?) job
6) Jordan's PA school acceptance
7) all the fun in general

It was a fantastic year! I was a little sad to see it go...partially because I think 2011 or "twenty-eleven" sounds stupid. I don't really like the number 11. I know I'm weird. Deal with it.

My new years resolutions are to continue reading scriptures on a daily basis (we were able to do that in 2010! Woohoo!), to put more effort into my appearance (I usually sleep in until 20 minutes before I need to leave for work, and then I feel frumpy all day), and to try to be more social. I've been in Tulsa for a year and a half and I have a lot less friends than I thought I would have at this point. Time to actually do something about it! I also want to put more effort into talking to my friends from back home and college, so watch out- you'll hear from me!

I was going to make proof reading my blog entries before I publish them a resolution but that was one last year and I obviously did not accomplish it. I don't know why, but I hate hate hate going back and reading through my posts. So I have decided just to embrace the typos. Blah.

Happy New Year!!