Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Happy 3 year anniversary to us! Can't believe our wedding was 1096 days ago.

The past three years have not been filled with too much adventure. We have lived in the same apartment for the past three years, we spend many a day and night falling asleep on the couch watching tv, we have 0 pets and 0 children. Still, these years have been simply wonderful.I would rather be in my little Tulsa apartment with Jordan than traveling the world solo.

I remember when I was single, marriage was pretty terrifying to me. The idea of sharing my life with somebody, having to allow someone else to have a say in what I do...yuck. Now, I can't imagine being independent. I have really grown to love being a couple and having one life we share together. Plus, it's nice to have someone around who can carry heavy stuff and reach high things for me.

Three down, eternity to go!