Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's A Dad's Life

My friend, Naomi posted this on facebook and it is pretty cute.Writing goofy songs is totally up my dad's ally, so I could picture him gathering up his buddies to make something like this!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A few weeks ago, Jordan and I went on a spontaneous trip to:

It was awesome! It was a celebration of Jordan finishing his first quarter of PA school and me finding our camera (I'm still so giddy about that). It was also a SHORT trip. We left on Friday at 3:30 and got home Sunday around 4:00. But in those compacted 48 hours, we had a blast.

On Friday night, we pulled into our hotel, The Alladdin (which I forgot to get a picture of... Boo). I was a fancy hotel with a concierge ("I'm the con-see-oige!") and overpriced/overrated valet parking. We normally are SuperInn type of people, but we found The Aladdin for a great deal on and decided to go for it. The hotel was fun because tons of people going to different weddings, concerts, and more. And the hotel was right in the middle of down town. Although I didn't get a picture of the outside, I got a picture of our room. Cute, eh?

On Friday night we decided to go get some classic Kansas City BBQ. We asked the concierge where we should go, and she suggested a placed called Gates. "Just a mile down the road", she said. "Ok, we'll walk," we said. So we walked...and walked and walked...and walked out of down town into a ghetto area. Help? We FINALLY got to Gates where we equaled half the population of the entire white people in the restaurant...and that part of town, maybe? The BBQ was good, but I couldn't enjoy it because I was too worried about walking back from Gates in the dark. Luckily, we powered walked back into town in safety. Phew! We walked around a little while longer, found the biggest creepiest grasshopper/praying mantis EVER, and made it back to our hotel to watch Shark Week.

Here's the freaky bug. It was walking around on the sidewalk, following people. Yikes!

Saturday, we got up and headed to Kansas City Worlds of Fun. It's an amusement park that is about Lagoon quality. The day was really fun but it made me feel so old. When I was a teenager, I could spend all day at an amusement park, ride any ride any number of times and feel perfectly fine. Now that I am the ripe old age of 24, I felt so sick after four rides. I kept trying to fight it and ignore the nausea, but after a few hours I had to face the motion sickness. It was depressing.

Poor Jordan. I didn't have the heart to tell him this wasn't a real ride...

"Uh...this ride sucks."

Luckily, we were able to cool off our stomachs by watching one of the amusement park shows. It was a group of high schoolish aged kids singing and dancing to rock and roll songs. It was sorta a second rate Glee. We eventually left in the late afternoon to spend the evening in the city.

Saturday evening, we hit the town! We walked all over exploring the city. One thing that I LOVED about the city was how everyone dressed. All the girls dressed up to hit the town. Even the ladies who were going to see a movie were all dolled up. Of course, with a movie theater that looks like THIS I wouldn't show up PJs either.

Funky heads...all three of them.

No, I am not trying to pole dance.

On Sunday, we checked out, hit up a local ward, and headed home. The trip was so short but so much fun!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't we all need a fairy princess dress up game?

yes. yes we do.

Lucky for us, my brilliant brother Troy created an app for itouches and iphones called "My Fairy Princess". For $1.99 you get to pick out a princesses hair, crown, shoes, dress, wings, and ethnicity. The princesses can dance and pose.

"But you don't have to take MY word for it."
(I forgot Lavar's name for a second and ended up having to google "black guy off of reading rainbow" that bad?)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

While talking about music we liked 12 years ago...

Me: "I loved the Spice Girls so much in 6th grade. I used to dress up as Sporty Spice, go into Troy's room, and lip sync to every song on their CD in front of the mirror."

Jordan: "You are such a NERD!....I did the same thing."

Can you believe in our 1 1/3 years of marriage, I am only NOW finding out my husby previously owned a Spice Girls CD??? AND knew all the words?? If he told me that when we were dating, it would have sealed the deal much more quickly.

"I really really REALLY wanna zigga-zig AH!"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Because I am proud.


Happy Birthday, Richard

August 13th is one busy day of the year!

It is ALSO my father-in-law's birthday.

Richard is a great FIL. I can see that so many of Jordan's great qualities come from him. For example....

*Richard is very funny. He has a subtle sense of humor. He's had some awesome quips and one-liners.
* He is very generous. He's helped us out in many ways and is always willing to help others.
* He's very welcoming. Some people feel uncomfortable around their stern father-in-laws, but mine has been as sweet as cherry pie!
* He's a hard worker
*He's a great father. He's very supportive of his children.
* He always calls me sweety :)

Happy Birthday, Richard! Thanks for letting me use your last name.

Happy 34th Anniversary!

Mom and Dad,
Thank you for getting married 34 years ago. Thank you for choosing a celestial marriage so we can be together forever. Thank you for being such awesome parents. I'm so lucky to have parents who have stuck together and have raised such an incredible family.

Here's to another 34 years!!

Sister, Sister

Although I certainly do not have a favorite sibling, I DO have an all time favorite sister....

...and it's Molly!

And it's her birthday today, and like all my other family member's birthdays (except Nancee's) I am 1000's of miles away. So instead I shall give a post.

With Molly being my only sister and the closest sibling to me, Molly and I were pretty much forced to be best friends.

We have gone on several sister vacations (Washington DC, California (twice), Utah (many many times))

We roomed together in college

We even had a list of boys that we both went on at least one date with. It was never a goal of ours, it just worked out that way.

We were each other's maid/matron of honor

And we practiced our Helen Hunt impressions together.

Molly and I also have several movies that we have watched countess times together and have memorized. We have alot of songs that we've made up, "dances" that we have choreographed, and about 1,000,000 inside jokes. (Like, Molly- remember "No. No. No. No.", our child, "WAAAAYNE! What are you doing October 24th....")

Molly is great because she is very funny. She is very nice to others and talented. She served a challenging mission. She's a science smarty pants. And she and her husband Brad are going to grant me yet another niece for me to love like crazy!

But most importantly, I love Molly because she hates all the same actresses as I do.


Happy Birthday, Molly. Wish you were here! :(