Friday, February 3, 2012

We're like the Wonder Pets...only not as lame

This evening, when I was driving home I noticed a bird sitting in the middle of the street. One hundred percent of the time, a bird like away as my car approaches it, but this little pigeon was not going anywhere. As I came closer, I noticed it was rapidly flapping one wing and trying to hop. It was SO SAD! I didn't know what to do, so I just stopped my car and put on my emergency blinkers. I stumbled across the passenger seat and ran up to the poor bird, picked it up (ewww), and then set it on the sidewalk. I hopped back in my car (which was in front of about 30 backed up cars. Why didn't anyone go around me?) and started to drive off....but then I started to think, Ok, the bird won't get ran over, but it can't move. It can't eat and it can barely hop. The bird will either get eaten by something, eventually fall back on the road and get ran over, or starve to death. None of those seemed like good options, so I moved into action.

Unfortunately, bird saving is not a hobby of mine so I had no idea who to call or what to do. On top of that, my phone was already blinking red and continually reminding me that I am about to lose battery power. I knew that if there was a rabid wolf in my house, it would be appropriate to call 911, but what about a pigeon? I didn't have any other options and my phone was blinking, so I made the following calls:

To 911
Police: "911, is this medical or emergency?"
Me: "I'm so sorry! This is not an emergency! Sorry! I just don't know who to call. There is a hurt pigeon. I'm so sorry!" (And yes, I did feel like a moron).
Police: "Call 411, they can help."

To 411 (my phone definitely about to die)
411 person: "411, How may I assist you?"
Me: "HeyIfoundahurtpigeonandIsaveditfromdyingtbutIdon'tknowwheretotakeitorwhattodo!"
411: "Uh...I guess an animal hospital? I'll transfer you to one."

To Animal Hospital
Vet person: "Hi, Such-and-Such Vet hospital"
Me (even faster this time): "Hey411saidIshouldcallyou.IfoundahurtpigeonandIsaveditfromdyingbutIdon'tknowwheretotakeitorwhattodo!"
Vet: "Well, we don't care for wildlife animals, but there is a wildlife hospital in Tulsa. Here's the number."

To Wildlife Place
Person who answered the phone: "Wildlife Place! How can I help you?"
Me:*a slur of words so fast because of my phone, but I'm pretty sure I mentioned a pigeon*
Person: "Yeah, you can bring it here, but we close in 30 minutes."

Last call! To Jordan:
Jordan: "Hello?"
Me: "This is an emergency! I saved a pigeon and we have to take it to a hospital! Come quick and meet me! And bring gloves and a box! Hurry, we only have 30 minutes!!!!"

Jordan did a great job of hiding his excitement as he came and met me to rescue the bird. We scooped it up and drove it 8 miles to an animal hospital and handed him off to the workers there.

It was quite a hassle and the whole process ate up over an hour, but I'm glad we did it. I can sleep better knowing that the pigeon is at least in a safe place for now, instead of worrying about whether or not it was something's dinner tonight. It also reminded me how important life is for all creatures. Really, we all want to survive. (Almost) all animals feel worry and fear. I think it is good to be conscious of each other's feelings...even dirty pigeons. I also believe in Karma, which means if I ran over the poor thing I would probably have a bird poo avalanche on my car tomorrow. Nice save!

P.s. I named it Jimmy.