Friday, August 24, 2012


I love Pinterest. A lot. But man oh man, there are some pins that make me want to rip my hair out. I never want to comment on the pins that my fellow pinners pinned (I like the word "pin". Sue me), because I don't feel like Pinterest is a place of debate. So instead, I will rant about them here.

The following pins = facepalms

1. The "modest Barbie"
The idea is that some moms don't think a child should see Barbies "naked" body, so a solution is to use nail polish and cover her body up.

Uh.....Whaaaaaaaaat? I'm sorry, this is simply ridiculous. I feel that the idea that naked is bad and needs to be fixed is downright silly. Personally, I feel that this does more psychological damage (body shaming) than leaving her naked.

Which leads me to another Barbie rant. Aboutu 5-6 years ago they changed Barbie's measurements to be more realistic. I think this was such a dumb idea. Barbie circa 1980-2000 had about EEE boobs, a 13" human scale waist, and was about 6'5'' inches tall on a human scale (these are total estimations by myself, FYI). Every girl knew that Barbie's body was totally unrealistic. I doubt too many girls compared their own 10 year old bodies to her's because- HELLO! Not real. The new dolls have more realistic (yet flawless) bodies. I think the new bodies are easier for girls to compare their own to, which is sad. Ok, Barbie discussion over.

Well, almost over. This was my very favorite Barbie. Hollywood Hair Barbie!! Yeah-yuh! YOU COULD PAINT HER HAIR!

2.  The JFK/Monroe Picture
This pictured has been pinned with a comment that is usually along the lines of "JFK and Marilyn. So sweet" or "Two love birds!"  Allow me to be redundant.....Whaaaaaaaat? This isn't a love picture- it is photographic evidence about an AFFAIR. Just because they were two celebrities doesn't make it cute. As G.O.B. Bluth would say, "C'MON!!!"

3. The John Smith Indian Picture

So there are a lot of different Disney art pins. I don't mind most of them because I love me some Disney. But THIS PICTURE:
One more time. WHAAAAAAAT?!! This picture is implying that Pocahontas and John Smith stayed together (which if we remember in history, and more importantly at the end of the movie he left to return to England after he got shot), got married, (which if you were cool like me and watched Pocahontas 2 or read a history book you know she married John Rolfe), and lived as indians with a kid? I don't mean to be that annoying person, but I think this one is just plain dumb.

Ok, rant is over.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wuss Alert

I have always, ALWAYS been a wuss.

When I was a kid, I got homesick at almost every overnight outing- even when I visited my beloved cousins. There were several nights when I would stay the night at a friend's house only to ask their parents to drive me home or have my parents pick me up around 1 am. Just couldn't hack it.

When I was a Senior, I was soooo scared to move away from home. I decided that BYU was out of the question (800 miles from my mom? But what if I NEED something??) and applied to only Washington schools. I got into Central Washington University, which was about a whopping 3 hours away ....mmmm, no. Too far.

When I was 20, I FINALLY took the plunge and went to BYU...but ALL of my siblings were living in Provo at the time (which was awesome), and I was rooming with my sister. So, it really wasn't all that brave.

Throughout my BYU days, my siblings trickled away into different states until I was the lone sibling left. However, by then I was seriously dating Jordan and had incredibly close girlfriends so I had a comfortable pseudo-family. Plus, my grandmother was ill in Clearfield so my parents were making somewhat frequent trips to Utah, yeah. Still not all that brave.

The scariest move was definitely moving to Tulsa right after we got married. New state, no family in driving distance (on my side, at least), and I knew hardly anyone. However, Jordan's entire immediate family lives in the next town over, and Jordan had friends and knew where everything was and how Tulsa worked. My in-laws were (and still are) a huge help and we see them very often...Still not completely brave.

As Jordan has been slowly approaching graduation, we have been asked "So...whereyaguysgonnago?" repeatedly. Initially, I would respond, "We could go ANYWHERE! California, Vegas, back to Seattle, maybe somewhere cool in Texas, the possibilities are ENDLESS!" Don't I sound awesomely adventuress??  As more time has passed, Jordan has seriously considered going into Dermotology. This is a great field for PA's, but it is hard to get into without any experience. We decided together that we would be willing to go almost anywhere that could get Jordan's foot in the Derm door. That means that recently, when ask us where we are headed, we have courageously said, "We are willing to go anywhere if it gets Jordan into Derm, and we plan to stay there for a few years".

I had been giving myself mad props for my bravery and how exciting it can be to go somewhere far away and magical. However, today Jordan excitedly told me about a lead he got from his current derm preceptor who offered to make a reference for Jordan to a practice looking for a new PA. Jordan was happily telling me about this great potential opportunity when he stated, "And it is only in Oklahoma City!"


I've been a bit of an internal nervous wreck ever since. Turns out I will always be wuss!