Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, Matey.

With some last minute runs to the dollar store and Hobby Lobby, we were able to have costumes this year. It was a Halloween miracle!

Best part of our ward Halloween party was when a very concerned looking 8-9 year old girl asked Jordan, "Is that hook real??" To which Jordan replied, "Absolutely."

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Remember when Halloween was fun?

Am I the only one that's noticed weird stuff about Halloween this year?? What happened to this holiday?!

Weird Thing #1: People being UNSURE what day to go trick-or-treating. A few weeks ago I was talking to one of our youths about our up-coming ward Halloween party and how there would not be any "trunk-or-treat" but games instead. "But WHY?," they asked. "Well, all kids do with trunk-or-treat is go around and get candy, and they do that anyway on Halloween." One of the youth replied, "Well, probably not because Halloween is on a Monday. That's a school night." Whaaaaat? "Um, so? Everyone still goes trick-or-treating that day." She scoffed and said, "Nope, bet most people won't go." Whatever, I thought.....until TODAY! One of the nurses at work asked us, "Hey, do you when they are doing trick-or-treating this year?" I replied, "Uh, on HALLOWEEN!" She looked at me like I was stupid and said, "Well, not always. That's a school night." WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD???? (or Tulsa)

Weird Thing #2: This weird craze where children hand out thank you cards with their candy when they trick-or-treat. Read about it here. It is basically sucking all fun out of trick-or-treating and turning it more into a chore....and ends up with tons of litter.

Weird Thing #3: My apartment is hardly decorated. I began pulling out all the crap I used from last Halloween, but decided not to put it up until my parents came so my mom could see what my apartment looked like without all our ghostly junk. Now my parents are gone and my apartment just looks like....September.

Weird Thing #4: WE DON'T HAVE OUR COSTUMES YET!!!! I usually plan our costumes at least by September and begin assembling them as soon as October hits. (I know what you are thinking- you plan them that far in advance? Why do they look like you made them in 20 minutes?) But between parents visiting, ER visiting, and being busy in general, we are currently costume-less and it is driving me crazy. Any last minute suggestions?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here's the deal

It's amazing how things that I used to really love BEFORE I began working full time have turned into SUCH A CHORE ever since I began working full time. For example...

COOKING: Before work, this was so much fun to try new meals. Since work, this sucks, I come home and the last thing I want to do is be on my feet in the kitchen making a mess.

SHOWERING: Before work, I looooved to shower. It was relaxing "me time". Since work, it is one more thing that I have to squeeze into my night. I can't do it in the day time because that would require me to wake up early enough to shower and blow dry my hair. Um, no way.

PUTTING ON MAKE UP: Before work, this was fun! I liked being able to out my face on while I listened to music. Since work...Ok, I'll admit I still have fun with this one on the weekends, but any weekday I tend to cut corners, skip steps, and leave feeling less than pretty. Usually I feel like I am racing the clock to get back in bed for a few minutes. "Hmmm, if I choose not to put on eye shadow, I can get done faster..."

And lastly,

BLOGGING: Before work, it was fun! I liked thinking of different blog posts that I wanted to write, whether they were funny or serious. I liked creating birthday posts for my family. Since work, it feels like a cloud that is hanging over my head. Anytime I read someone else's blog I automatically think of all the posts I am behind on. Melissa's wedding/my trip to Utah that was months ago, my trip to Seattle, my cousin's wedding, my parent's visit.... It is beginning to feel more like another job. Then I get overwhelmed and decide to "start fresh". Oye. Plus, I average about 1 comment per post which makes me a little less motivated.

I'm not declaring an end to my blog or trying to get sympathy. I still like blogging and I enjoy reading past posts (and cringing at the typos that I refused to proofread earlier). I guess I am just coming to terms that this little blog is not going to be a journal of my life and more a place I can share little anecdotes. That will make me feel a little less crazy and maybe like blogging a little more. That is all.