Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 recap

This year....

I turned 25
We celebrated our 2nd anniversary by going on a cruise (as well as New Orleans)
We got to travel to Seattle and Tuscon to visit family
I got to go to Utah for a weekend to visit family and attend my good friend's wedding
My sister came to visit Tulsa
My cousin got married and I got to go (back to Seattle!)
I "celebrated" my one year anniversary at my job
Jordan began his medical rotations AND his second year of PA school
I got to go to the ER for the first time since I was a a baby (I think)
Had my first ambulance ride (and with those puppies costing $1100 for a one mile ride, I hope it is my last!)
Jordan turned 28 (which I neglected to blog about because our computer was broken)
We got to go Seattle for a wonderful Christmas

aaaaaand I got rid of Pokey (my kidney stone)

We are so excited to begin 2012 because we already know about some of the fun things it will bring (trip to Disneyland, Boise Thanksgiving, and...... Jordan's graduation!!)

Happy New Year's Eve!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let's just wrap this up.

Yeah, the 30 days of Thanks did NOT work out for me. I didn't have it in me to post everyday, and I figured people didn't want a new post from me to pop up in their Google Reader feed everyday. Instead, let's just knock of the rest of the month out in one entry. Ill pick up from where I left off.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for....

6. hot water
7. stores that actually carry size 5 shoes (yes, that size of foot exist, almost every store in America)
8. the internet. I'm such an online addict...and I'm cool with that.
9. air conditioning
10. Dollar Tree (my guilty pleasure)
11. inside jokes with family members
12. my family, in general (you guys are aiiiight)
13. my glue gun
14. soldiers. Seriously, thank you.
15. dogs. They make the world happier.
16. the privilege I had to have such a wonderful, non-screwed up childhood
17. medical insurance
18. my education, and
18b. the easy access I had to getting an education
19. the Gospel. Not only it is amazing to understand and know that their is a Savior, but it's also great to be a member of the Church. We Mormons stick together and live in such as tiny Mormon world. There are tons of connections and help. Jordan compares it to being a member of AAA. You need someone to help with X,Y or Z- BAM! Here's three names you can call.
20. vacations. They are so necessary in life.
21. Bubblegum. He is a stuffed dog that I got for Christmas when I was 3 or younger. He accompanied me to many different adventures, sleep overs, and vacations. He even survived being chewed up by my cousin's dog (thanks for reconstructing him, Aunt Lori!). I still have him,
22. MONEY! Does that sound awful? I don't care.
23. my braces and retainer. I think these babies really saved my dating life!
24. hot tubs
25. airplanes. They can be such. a. pain. But they are also fantastic. I dig traveling over 1000 miles in under 6 six hours.
26. patience. This is something I really struggle with holding onto, but I appreciate it so much when other people use it on me.
27. Mascara and eyelash curlers. If I could only wear one type of make up for the rest of my life, it would definitely be mascara.
28. my health. I have several annoying diagnoses but they are NOTHING compared to what others may have. I am so grateful for the freedom that comes with a healthy body.
29. to be an American. There are several flaws in our country, but overall it is still a wonderful country. I read about the horrors that many women face in other countries. It's overwhelming to think how liberated I am compared to them.
30. I'm grateful for Christmastime, which officially starts tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grateful for Home Depot Boys

Yeah, so....I missed a few days? Are we surprised? No. Do we really care? No. So let's just keep going.

Today I am grateful for the helpful people at Home Depot. I went there this evening and it was same ol' thang...

Take today for example. I walked into Home Depot completely confused and overwhelmed. I knew I needed this tube foam thing but I had no clue where to even begin looking for it. Thankfully a saint dressed in an orange apron could sense my panic and asked if he could help me. I asked the guy,,
" Do you have like, foam tube things?"
"Oh, you mean plumbing insulation?"
"....Uh.... they're like round tubes??"
Turns out it WAS plumbing insulation, which I found out as the employee walked me directly to them.

And of course once I get there, I realize that they are completely out of my reach (like approximately 75% of the merchandise in hardware stores) so I had to ask a friendly stranger t grab the thingy for me. Once I had my foam- I mean pluming insulation- I remembered that I needed another thing. It was decorative aluminum sheet stuff....or at least that is what I was calling it tonight. I thought, maybe I can find it myself. HA!!! After pacing the store for about 10 minutes I was approached by another orange aproned friend.
"You ok, ma'am?"
"Uh, no. I'm lost. *nervous chuckle* I'm looking for um, decorative aluminum sheet....stuff?"
"Oooookay....I think I know what you're talking about. Let's go look."
Sure enough, the guy was speaking my lingo because he took me right to it!

So you would think I would have learned my lesson by now, but noooOOOOooOOoo. I remembered that I wanted to find this one outlet do-hickey that you can screw into your porch light. Surely it is just in the Christmas stuff. I totally got this......I never got it. Feeling defeated, I timidly asked another guy if he had any clue where one could find "the thing that you screw into your balcony light to plug Christmas lights in". He took me to a completely different isle that I was in that I didn't even know existed.

So, thank you, kind Home Depot guys. You made my gratitude list.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5, and earthquakes

For the fifth day of thanksgiving month, I am grateful for the earthquake drills I had to repeatedly due in grade school. They have come in handy over the past 24 hours. There have been TWO earthquakes in Tulsa today- one at around 2 am and one just about 3 minutes ago. Luckily, neither one was destructive at all but there was definite shaking. Thanks to my many drills from Cascade elementary, I instinctively ran to a doorway. So thank you, earthquake drills!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4

I am so grateful for tastebuds. Food is such a huge part of my life. It is a source of comfort, a form of entertainment...and it does something for my body too. How sad it would be to not be able to taste it, or to have everything taste like cardboard. Thank you tastebuds.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3

I am so grateful for humor. I often wonder when humor began historically. Like, who was the first person to think that telling something that wasn't true would result in pleasant feelings? I would have loved to have heard the first attemp at a joke. I wonder if humor came naturally or if it was something that had to be explained.

My brain just exploded.

Well, however humor ended up on the earth, I am beyond thankful for it. It makes life so much more delightful and makes crappy things so much more tolerable. I am such a sucker for funny. When I was single, the most important thing to me is if the guy could make me laugh. Comedy is by far my favorite movie genre. And laughing is definitely my favorite ( and at this point my only) form of exercise.

Yay for humor!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

gratitiude 2

I am grateful for something very special. My roadtrip companion, my love and best friend....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grateful 'n stuff

There is a craze going all around facebook and blogs where people are making November a month of gratitude (must have something to do with those pesky pilgrims). I doubt I'll make it every day this month, but I will try!

Today I am grateful for Steve Carrell movies. Not all of them, of course (let's all pretend Dinner For Schmucks never happened), but I like most of them. I have seen Dan in Real Life about 1,000,000 times. Anchorman is a ridiculously guilty pleasure for me. Date Night was pretty dumb but cute. I actually thought Get Smart was funny. And Jordan and I just got back from Crazy Stupid Love. It was bizarre but entertaining none the less.

So here's to you, Mr. Carrell. Thanks.