Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let's dust off the ol' blog.

Can everyone join me in a big, fat sigh of relief?


This morning, I took my LCSW exam...and passed! I am THRILLED! This dang thing has been on the back of my mind for about 6 months, and more heavily pounding my entire brain for the past month. I've been pounding practice questions, practice tests, pages of notes, and horrendiously boring study guides all day for a while, and I am happy to be done. (And, I must say, I kinda rocked it.)

Not to be super pitiful, but I am so excited mainly because there was always a small part of me that was not sure if I would ever make it this far. I remember when I was at BYU and I applied to the BSW program, I felt that it would  be no big surprise if I didn't get in. When I did get into the BSW program and began applying to graduate schools, a part of me was bracing myself for not getting into any grad school at all. When I got accepted by two (and denied by UW, my now permanent enemy (sorry Andy and Dad)), a part of me still wondered if I would be able to handle it. When I finally graduated with my MSW and got a job, that same part of me wondered if I would ever REALLY become an LCSW. Now, when I look back at my social work road, I wish I would have just thought, "Yeah, I can do this, and I am going to!" without any doubt or fear. Hindsight is 20/20, I suppose, but I am going to try to stop picking on myself when it comes to career choices and changes.

ANYWAY, now that the LCSW exam if complete, I can actually use my time to do other, more exciting things....like blogging. :) I plan to catch up on this dang thing now that my hours are free and I am still not employed (which I LOVE, btw). Stay tuned for more updates....with pictures (because I've been told by some siblings that they only like blog posts with pictures).