Thursday, March 31, 2011

24 no more

Another year, GONE! Waaaa.

I can’t believe I am going to be 25. There’s no more claiming “early 20’s”. I will be shoved into official "mid-20's" tomorrow. Plus, I think I am expected to kick my maturity level up a notch. Twenty-five is the age where you have to act mature and stuff. Ew.

Honestly, I don’t really mind becoming one year older. I do understand that 25 REALLY isn’t THAT old. I get that. What bothers me the most about birthday is the finality of it all. Once I turn 25, there is no going back to 24. Was I emotionally attached to age 24? Not really. But I hate HATE hate finality. I like having one foot in the door. I’m this was with practically everything. That is why I am usually the last to order at restaurants, we had to investigate our couch and love seat at least 4 times before I actually could agree to buy it, and that is why I don’t like birthdays that much anymore.

But I do like the cake. And the cards. And the attention. So I guess it all equals out in the end.

Well, before 24 year old me joins the Hammer pants and the catchphrase “Waaaazzzzup?” in history, I wanted to send her off with a goodbye.

In remembrance of 24 year old me:

This is 24 year old me all bright eyed and ready to enter the world...

I walked a barefoot mile with Hanson (that's the oldest one. I forget his name but I know he isn't Taylor because Taylor is the middle one.)

I graduated with my Masters and ended student life FOREVER!!

I finally, FINALLY got to be in the same building as Conan Obrien

We went on a church history trip/St. Louis trip with my parents

I went Seattle for a week in the Spring

I visited Tuscon for a week in June

I bought my first sewing machine and slooooowly began to sew

I started my career (how fancy)

I went to Kansas City for the first time

I went on my first vacation with the in-laws to Branson

I had the time of my life in Boise for Thanksgiving

I spent my first Christmas away from home…and it actually was not nearly as traumatic as I thought it was going to be

Annnnd I went back to Seattle in March. (This was the age that I spent the least amount of time in the Northwest. How sad).

*picture unavailable*

It was fun to go through those pictures and watch my hair grow. So long, 24 year old me. It was fun.