Friday, May 16, 2014

30 Before 30 Update

On April 1, I turned 28. One year closer to the big 3-0. Mama Mia.

Last year, I created a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30. I had also already completed a few of the goals at the time. Those goals are the ones that are crossed through. The goals that has bold text next to them are ones that I either completed during this past year or ones I have updated. I was excited to see that during the age 27, I was able to get quite a few knocked out!
Due Date: April 1 2016
11.    Obtain my MSW 

22,     Become an LCSW 

33.  Become a home owner (Done! Got out house in November.)

44.     Become a dog owner (Still working on this one. Sadly, it is looking like this one may not happen before 30 due to a certain baby that is in our house now.)

5  5. Become a mother (Completed, as of March 19!)

66.    Go to Europe (Done! We went in May and it was spectacular.)

77.      Take Jordan to Hawaii (Tickets are purchased for September!)

88.      Read the Harry Potter books 

99.      Sew a dress
110.   Become a certified home study adoption worker (DONE! I completed the training in July)

111.  Complete at least one home study for a family
112.   Go scuba diving

113.  See the show Wicked (Done! We saw it in NYC)

114.  Write a book (not a novel- just a children’s book. I highly doubt I’ll ever get published, but I think it would be fun to complete a book for the sake of doing it)

115.    Go skiing with Jordan (we’ve NEVER been together)

116.  Run a half marathon

   17. Pay for a stranger’s groceries anonymously (Well, I honestly tried to pay for a stranger’s groceries once, but she insisted that I don’t. Oh well. I am changing this one to NOT be anonymous).

118.   Pay for a stranger’s meal anonymously

119.    Take a voice lesson

220.   Take a piano lesson

221.   Take a dance lesson

222.  Sing a solo 

223.  Participate in a flash mob

224.   Get a pedicure (Done. I went with some girlfriends in October.)

225.  Read Jesus The Christ

226.   Throw a party. Not just a get together, but a real party. (Done! I threw Jordan a big 30th birthday party. It was a lot of work but it was great!)

227.   Eat at the Crab Pot in Seattle 

228.   Finish a scrap book about Jordan and my courtship

229.  Give a lecture (whether as a guest speaker, teacher, etc)

330.   Learn how to moon walk. (Will I ever be able to do this??)

     So, it looks as though I was 17 more to go before 30. Let's see how I do!

Five Years

What were YOU doing five years ago?

Because I was doing this:

 I can't believe we have been married for FIVE years. Time flies when you are having fun!

For our fourth anniversary, we spent the day walking the streets of Worms, Germany and eating gelato.
For our fifth anniversary, Jordan spent it mowing our very neglected yard while I stayed in the house with a sick little baby and didn't put on a speck of make up. What a difference a year makes in our life!

Five years later, I am still giving myself props for picking Jordan to be my partner in crime. Go me.