Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kissing Contract

Unless you live under a rock (or large bush if you are a fraggle), you have been subjected to infidelity plaguing our society. I do not enough energy to even begin to explain the many disturbances of the website, which is created exclusively for married people to seek out an affair with a stranger. (Did I mention their slogan is "life is short, have an affair"? I'm going to vomit.)It is naive to think that you are invincible to having your heart or emotions stray from your marriage if you are not careful.

That is why Jordan and I created our Kissing Contract last night.

(Ok, really the only reason we "created" it was because it came up in one of our many random conversations). But still, it is official now.

The Kissing Contract

If the circumstance arises in which a kiss is offered and/or accepted by one of the following female celebrities:

Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn

Anne Hathaway

Then Jordan is allowed to grant them one closed-mouth 3 second (or shorter) kiss without receiving repercussions from his spouse or conscious.

If the indentical circumstance were to arise for one Sonja to kiss the following male celebrities:

Ewan McGregor
Conan O'Brien

Then she too could participate in a 3 second closed mouth kiss (with assistance from a step stool for kissing Mr. O'Brien) without consequences from spouse or conscious.

Other than the aforementioned celebrities, Jor
dan and Sonja will not kiss anyone else outside their marriage.

Just gotta go get this baby notarized and we're good to go! who is on YOUR kissing contract?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

While watching the Olympics....

I've learned some things...

1)I'm a bad person.

No, really. I am. Here I am watching the world's most trained and talented athletes- people who have sacrificed so much of their lives for their sport- and all I do is sit on my couch and secretly chant, "Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall!" It's not because I'm 100% evil- I just want the people that I like to win. And unfortunately, that usually requires the other athletes to fall and shatter their dreams. But I'm ok with that.

2) I do not like Russia.

No matter who you are, if you are a Russian athlete you are on my "oh, please do fall" list. I blame this on the following people:

Svetlana "Ostrich neck/fish lips" Khorkina

Plushenko (eat silver, buddy!)

...and that 2002 Russian skating scandal (too lazy to find the pictures).

3) Shaun White reminds me of a certain puppet...
Am I the only one who sees this?

Monday, February 15, 2010

brief update before class.

You know what it hard to do? Blog when you are busy. Especially when your laptop is PMSing.

Right now I have a half hour break before class so I thought I would dust off the ol' blog and update everyone on our lives.

Life is busy! I started my internship and school, which leads to 42 hour weeks of work altogether (and yes, I'm aware that lots of people work more than that, but I'm still tired by it. That also does not include the time I waste, er I mean dedicate to homework. Waaa, waaa, waaa.

Jordan officially decided that he wanted to go to OU-Tulsa. It's so nice to know where we are going...or I guess not going, since we don't have to move. Some nights it really sinks in that I will be this far away from my family for two more years and I get mopey, but overall, I am happy to stay in Tulsa.

We have 1:00 pm church and I LOVE it! I think I am the only person in the ward who is giddy about the time change. I'm sorry, but no good comes from 9:00 AM church.

Jordan and I saw "Valentines Day" and it dumber than dumb. My co-worker told me that Julia Roberts (puke) was paid 5 million for the movie....and she is in it for approximately 15 minutes. I'm too lazy to do the math, but I'm pretty sure that is around $333,333 per minute.

Annnnnd, I gotta go to class. Until next time, blog!