Monday, January 20, 2014

Fashion Shots

Today we were able to get 3D shots of our little guy. We learned a few things about our son.

1. He is incredibly wiggly (not surprised, based on the movement I have been CONSTANTLY feeling for the last month).

2. He is NOT cooperative when it comes to getting his picture taken (hopefully he will outgrow this once we is out of the womb? Doubt it.)

3. He likes to explore. For example, he must have been pretty bored with his head down where it was supposed to be. In the last week, he was completely turned around and got his head smashed up against my rib cage. The last 3-4 days, I have had intense, sharp pain in my rib and upper back. I thought he was just kicking me hard, but the pain never went away. Turns out it is because there is a big baby HEAD stuck there. Dang kid. The ultrasound tech showed his face is literally smashed against my rib, as his he was pressing against a glass wall. Luckily, the way the rest of his body is positioned indicates that he is most likely going to easily turn down south again.

Anyway, based on these three facts about our boy, we were lucky to get even remotely clear pictures of his face. These are the two we got:

You can tell in the second picture that he is squished. He also has his cute and blurry hand up by his face. I can already tell he had his dad's big ol' lips. We can't wait to see the rest of him!

Despite his cramped head, everything looks healthy. He is in the 54th percentile for size and weight, which is fine with me. I do NOT want a big baby to deliver! Less than two months to go!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Now entering the 30's...

No, I'm not talking about Jordan's birthday- I'm 30 weeks along in my pregnancy! WHAT?! I can't believe it. I feel like the second trimester just zoomed by. I remember when I first found out I was expecting, I checked out a TON of labor and pregnancy books from the library, only to shortly think, "This is stupid. March is FOREVER away. I can't even think about my third trimester- it's too far." Now, I feel like I am scrambling to read and learn and buy everything baby. I know, I know, I am not gonna know everything and even if I read stuff, it doesn't mean it will apply. But still, I am definitely feeling the pressure to get MORE prepared for our little dude.

My last update on my pregnancy was at 21 weeks. Aw, the second trimester, how I miss thee. Weeks 22-26 were pretty great. My bump grew, but people seemed to stop making comments on how big I was getting and instead I got a lot of "you look great!" comments (which are ALWAYS nicer to hear.) During the first half of my pregnancy, I was a little self conscience about my growing mid-section, but for the rest of my second trimester, I embraced the bump and had fun with it. Plus, around week 22, I FINALLY felt the baby move. His early movements were so fun. My appetite was fine, I didn't have any heartburn, and my feet, hands, and face still looked normal. My only problem was sleep- my sleep during my second trimester was super crappy. Here's me at 23 weeks:

A few weeks ago, I entered the third trimester. I think my body was like, "Wait, you're in the third trimester already?  But you look comfortable! Let me rearrange some things." BAM! Within a week, my face and hands swelled up and I gained a bunch of weight. Yuck. Plus, the baby decided that his cute little kicks were getting old and he decided to go full on Jackie Chan on my rib cage. For about 3 days during my 27th week, I had to walk around with my hand pushing against my rib to try to free the baby. He still will give me a hard bump against my ribs JUST to remind me who's the new boss. Sometimes he grows tired of my ribs and decided to push right against my bladder, resulting in a bunch of "false alarm" trips to the bathroom. He's a prankster, just like his dad. My clumsiness is at an all time high and my sleep quality is at an all time low. And please don't tell me to "just take more naps"; that's like telling someone who can't do pull ups that they should just try to do more pull ups.

While the third trimester is proving to be harder than the second, I still feel so lucky to be pregnant. Plus, there are some good things. I still don't have stretch marks (knock on wood) and I still have enough energy to exercise somewhat regularly. I've cut down my frequency, mainly due to the holidays and being busy, but I average working out about 3X per week. Better than nothing. My appetite is fine.  Also, while my acid reflux is like an on-going fountain in my throat, I still haven't been subjected to heart burn. Despite Junior's hard kicks, I still enjoy feeling him move and had fun watching my family feel him move over the holidays. Plus, two of my sweet friends have offered to host a shower for me next months, and I am SO excited for it! And finally, we are pretttttty set on a name! I'm gonna be lame and not say it now in case it changes, but we are about 95% sure of the first name. For a while, we were 100% sure of the middle name, but now there is a second one in the running. However, we are completely set on the last name. :)

As far as the entertaining aspects of pregnancy, I am still very emotional (which is funny later but not really while it is happening). Also, I sound like a walking whoopie cushion. No joke. I've just accepted it for now.

Here is my belly (and face) at 27 weeks. This was the first chalkboard picture we took in our new house and were still trying to find a good spot to put the board.

  And here I am today!

Ok, so only ten more weeks to go....I think I can I think I can I think I can.