Saturday, January 30, 2010

One fantaaaaaastic week!

I think I cam summarize how our week went with this single clip art:
Full of frightened white people.

Kidding! It was GREAT! We had so many wonderful blessings and cool things happen this week. Take, for example:

1) On Monday, Jordan found out that he got accepted into Pacific University's PA program. He had interviewed with them less than 48 hours earlier. That school is close to Portland, OR,which also means that it is close to my sister and relatively close to my Washington family. We were so happy to know that we were going SOMEWHERE for school and that this long grueling process wasn't all for nothing. (The ONLY downside of this school is that it is a private university that costs an arm and a leg, and most likely a couple of internal organs).

2) On Wednesday, Jordan received a phone call from OU-Tulsa, stating that he was accepted to their program! We were incredibly excited about this, because with their tuition, we would be able to keep our extremities and organs to ourselves! Jordan was very impressed with the staff and students at OU-Tulsa during his interview so he was happy to be a part of their program. This is also great because now we do not have to move anywhere, we get to stay close to Jordan's family for a couple more years, and we might be able to go on all the trips that we have been planning in our heads, such as Branson and New Orleans (That means you, Brittany!:D) I am a little sad to still have to live so far away from my family, but I figured with the all the tuition money we were saving, I would be able to visit my family more often.

3) We got Freckles frozen custard- best. frozen. custard. EVER.

4) On Thursday, the governor of Oklahoma issued a warning due to a blizzard that was coming up. All the schools closedwhich gave Jordan a whole day off of work and and school. As my niece Erica would say, "Ooh, lucky you!"

5) On Thursday night, Jordan and I went along with our friends to see Avatar in 3D at the Imax. I think I was the only person in the country who really didn't want to see this movie, but I am glad that I did! It was really cool- totally entertaining! I want to be a blue person!

6) On Friday, my agency that I am doing my internship at closed due to the weather, which granted me a three day weekend! Jordan only had to work a half shift on Friday too.

7) Last night, we went over to our friends' house and played the most intense game of catch phrase ever! It was crazy fun!

8) This moring when I woke up thinking it was Sunday...and then realized it was SATURDAY! Boo-Yeah! That is the best way to start off the day!

9) Jordan promised that he will play Trouble with me this morning (I've been whining about playing this game for a loooong time!)

So this sums up our awesome week!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Elaine!

The last few days have been crazy busy. So busy, in fact, that I was unable to write a blog entry for my mother-in-law on her birthday. Better late than never, eh?

Elaine Hintze: Mom, Mother-in-law, RN, and ex-hippi.
(Look at that DRESS!!!)

You always hear that stereotype of mother-in-laws who are a pain in the neck, but Elaine is the complete opposite. She is so loving, happy, selfless, generous, and goofy!

She never hesitates to help anyone she knows. She has welcomed me into her family 100%. We have a ton together. She has taken me to movies, lunch dates, manicures, and holiday bizarre. With my real mom living so far away, it has been nice to have a maternal someone near by.

Happy Late Birthday, Elaine!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 15: Crap Day

So you know those days at are just down right craptacular? That would be yesterday. Here's how it panned out:

It alllllll started around midnight when we heard someone's car alarm go off in our complex. It wasn't our alarm (I'm not even sure if we have one, and if we do, it ain't doing its job.), so we threw our pillows over our heads and murmured, "When will they turn off their alarrrrrm? People are trying to SLEEP!"

Fast forward to 11 AM. Jordan had an interview for OU-Oklahoma City (about a two hour drive for those who aren't familiar with Oklahoma geography). I decided to go with him so we could hit up the temple that was near by. We hopped in the car and start driving, thinking we had plenty of time. Part way there, Jordan asked me to enter the address of the school into our beloved GPS. I looked around the car and realized it wasn't there....and neither was my beloved iPod- both things that were used in the car the night before. That's when we realized that we were robbed! D'OH! Of course I was mad at the jerk(s) who took our stuff, but I couldn't help but be mad at myself so for many stupid things. I was mad that I left my stuff in the car, mad that I didn't hide it better, mad that I didn't triple check to make sure my doors were locked (like I usually do!), and lastly, mad that I grumpily stayed in bed while someone's car alarm was practically shouting at me, "YOUR STUFF IS GETTING KIDNAPPED!" Grrrr.

Well, we had to turn around and head back to our apartment to get mapquest directions. Thankfully we weren't toooo far away, but we had to hustle to make up for lost time. Nothing makes you feel better than anxiously driving to a school interview, hoping you'll make it in time (spoiler alert: we did. PHEW!)

Fast forward to driving to OKC- for real this time. Our pike pass* (*white plastic page thingy that lets you go through toll booths without paying) was suspended (or something) so we had to cough up ten bucks to pay to use the highways. I HATE the toll booths here. Oh, and we also almost got side swiped by a speeding semi. Thank goodness for Jordan's sweet driving on the curb skills.

Fast forward to Jordan's PA school interview. It was pretty strange. The school didn't have any tours or "Welcome to our program" or anything! Jordan showed up, got pushed into a room with three people, and started getting questioned. The interviewers asked the weirdest questions, such as, "What does your WIFE think about you wanting to be a PA?" "What about your parents?" "Have you talked this over with your wife?" "With your grades, I don't get why you don't want to just go to medical school...." They made it seem as though PA stood for prostitute associate. None of them seemed pleased with the profession at all, which was awkward for someone who is trying to convince them that he'll be great at it. They were all very stern and would not reguard Jordan's answers. The whole process was very uncomfortable and Jordan was glad to get out of the room. He had a feeling that two of the interviewers already made up their minds that they didn't like Jordan before the interview even started. SHEESH! Whatever. It's over and that is that.

Meanwhile, I was stuck in our car in the parkinglot. My origional plan was to go to the mall while Jordan was interviewing, but with no GPS, I had no clue where anything was in the city. That's ok, I'll just listen to my ipod- oh, wait. Luckily, I had my mom on the phone to keep me company and let me complain to her about how much I hate thieves.

After the horrific morning, scary drive, and painful interview, we thought a trip to the temple would be very thereputic. Good thing we have a GPS to tell where it is- oh,, we don't. We got lost. Verrrrrry lost. So lost that we just started laughing from delirious frustration. We strolled and realized that we were dang late for their earlier session and their next one was in about two hours. Double D'oh. We sat in the waiting room and strummed through church magazines. Finally, we decided to drive around and find something to do to waste our chunk of time. Walmart never looked so exciting when we found it....

Fast forward to 5:30- temple time! It was nice to relax and try to take our minds off the pain that was January 15, but I got a gentle reminder that it was Crap Day before leaving the temple.When I came out of dressing room after the session, a temple worker politely told me that the youth from the baptism trip aren't allowed in that part of the temple....meaning me and my apprent 12 year old self. Thanks, lady; and Happy Crap Day to you too!

We were very happy to get home and very very happy to be done with that day! There was a bunch of other odd, stupid things that happened too, but this post is long enough.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Andy!

Even though I am waaaaaay behind in my blogging (I still have three trips and two interviews to blog about! GAH!), I am going to set those aside so I can wish my brother Andy a happy 32nd birthday (*cough* GRANDPA *cough*)

This is Andy:
And no, he is not a used car salesmen- he's an uber-smart chronic student! With Andy being the oldest in our family, he was the first to venture off into school....yet he'll be the last to be completely done. That's because he:

1) earned a B.S. in Exercise Science
2) and another B.A. in German
3)and then an M.S. in Excercise Science
4) and now he'scurrently in med school AND
5)he's currently fnishing up an MPH!

I'm probably forgetting another two or three degrees in his vast collection. I blame this on his excessive amount of Asian friends he acquired during his developmental years:

(Andy is the one on the right- y'know...the only white one)

Eventually Andy will become an awesome and well rounded doctor. But that's not all!!:

* He's hilarious! He's always cracking us up.
* He's great dad to his adorable three kiddos.
* He's athletic- not only does he love to run and play volleyball, he even taught those classes at BYU.
* He's a talented guitarist.
* He's wise- There have been any times when I called Andy when I was confused about going to BYU, dating some dork, whether or not to marry some Oklahoman, etc. He's always been helpful.

I feel so grateful to be the youngest of my family with my awesome siblings! And I am grateful to Andy for being the oldest and being an example to us all. Happy Birthday!!