Thursday, June 1, 2017

Two No More

In March, our little two-year-old turned three. It's been two months and I am still surprised!

Two was such a magical age. Though I am always moaning and grieving stages of Jo's life that pass, I have to admit I enjoyed the year of two more than the year of one. He became independent (for better or for worse), he started exploring more interests, and his vocabulary exploded.

Here's a look of my little once-two-year-old, during his reign.

March 2016 (just turned two!)

April 2016 (discovering his new love for all things Super Hero)

May 2016

June 2016 (discovering his love, as well as my love, for his puddle jumper)

July 2016

August 2016 (Obsessed with the Olympics! He mimicked every sport he watched. This is after watching fencing.)

September 2016

October 2016

 November 2016 (Playing Baby Jesus and Mary)

December 2016

 January 2017 (First time in snow)

February 2017

 March 2017 (this picture was taken on his birthday)

Oh, how I absolutely loved that two-year-old! He made me crazy so many times, but he mostly brought joy. I truly do look forward to watching him grow and learn more and explore....but I will always have a piece of my heart yearning for this fun age.

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